Satellite Wireless Charging Sofa - Potecto

Whenever you need to charge your phone, rotate the tray out, adjust it to your preferred position and place your phone on top of the tray for immediate charging. To avoid hitting it, once you are finished, slide the tray back into the armrest. With its streamlined shape, our sofa combines great features with elegant design to create a beautiful home.


  • 15W Quick Wireless charge.
  • 40 minutes faster charging than the Apple 5W standard charging cord.
  • Conforms to the WPC/QI wireless charging standard.
  • Device includes FOD (Foreign Object Detection), allowing power to automatically turn off when other metal objects are detected. Temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and over-heat protection for your safety.
  • Our smart charging platform protects and ensures the safety of your phone while being charged.

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Our sofa consists of lively and natural colours that make you feel comfortable. The colours can be matched to your personal preferences.


Our foams are highly elastic, providing strong support for your spine to prevent cases of spinal compression, bending, or back pains.

The concept of our design is to create a streamlined, modern, and futuristic vision and feeling. The soft curves of the sofa allow technology to be smoothly integrated into your homes while going beyond the traditional appearances of a sofa and the sharp images of technological products.

Material : Polyester / Foam / Aluminium

Fabric Choice

Our fabric is easy-to-clean with patented technology – even ketchup or wine stains can be easily removed and cleaned.

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Chair Legs

Made from solid aluminium of high durability and strength.


Input : 12V/2A

Output : 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A

For any mobile phone brands with wireless charging (WPC QI) device.

15W Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Type A11 Transmitter

  • Conforms to WPC specification version 1.2
  • 5~12V Operation System
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) software tuning and setting
  • Software calibration for input voltage and current
  • Production software tuning
  • LED Indication
  • System High Effciency